Saturday, August 3, 2013

The start of something spooky!

One of my goals at CKC was to learn how to play with paints. So, I took quite a few mixed media classes and fell in LOVE. Spent over $50.00 at the Splash of Color Booth, but hey, you only live once! This week ACMoore had canvas on sale. I got my courage up and bought a couple so I could create a Halloween project. Never mind I had NO idea on how I was going to make it happen, but I was determined. So last night I sat down with my canvas, and after a few moments of hyperventilating, I decided to take the plunge. A few hours later, I had the background of my project complete. I am quite happy with it and decided to share it so I can inspire others to play with paint. It's really not scary once you do it!
Hopefully in a couple days I'll have the completed project to share. I'm flying by the seat of pants here, so who knows what the final product will look like!

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Unknown said...

Impatiently waiting on a finished product...